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Retha Wyatt Lamb

When Retha Wyatt Lamb was a little girl growing up in rural Arkansas, she and her brother loved to crawl under their house and gather the flatware that fell thru the cracks of their kitchen floor.  They were poor but loved, and some of Retha’s earliest memories are of arranging and re-arranging furniture in their small house, gathering fresh flowers and cutting images from magazines with which to decorate.  Retha became an accomplished interior designer, real estate broker and successful businesswoman, a force in the design industry in the State of Arkansas and the South.

Mara Lamb interior designer

Mara Lamb Malcolm

Mara Lamb Malcolm was born into the world of decorating and interior design.  Her parents owned many businesses, including Bandmill Home Center, a furniture store, studio, and workroom which later became Lamb’s.  Her passion for color and design is no doubt heavily influenced by her mother’s work as well as her own interest in art, textiles, and international travel. Mara’s signature style almost always includes a mix of traditional foundation pieces with modern art and accessories, unexpected colors and textures and always very special fabrics.    

Lamb's mom and me

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Today, mother and daughter, both Allied Members of the American Society of Interior Design, travel the state and region spreading the classic Lamb’s brand of design--spectacularly fresh, elegant and inviting with a huge infusion of southern tradition and color.  That “southern tradition” always includes antiques or pieces that hold special sentimental value to the homeowner, items that sometimes might not have immediately apparent aesthetic value. These are the pieces that make a house a home, the heart of the dwelling, the pieces that hold the history and the most blessed of all the family memories.  Housing and showcasing these items is a hallmark of a Lamb’s design.

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